quick note

I transferred the Cascadian last night to secondary.  It should finish out pretty close to 8% when all is said and done.  I think I might lager it for a bit as well, give it some time for the flavors to marry.  Currently there is a hotness (alcohol heat) that stands out a bit more than the underlying flavor notes.  Aside from that I do pick up some dark fruits.  This should be a nice beer when its finally ready.  

The weather has gotten nice enough (though still cold) to use the local walking paths again.  We have been using what used to be the River Rams Trail behind our local primary school.  Sadly, this trail was originally put in for school science research and such but when they built the new high school a few years ago the trail found less use. 

This is a great walk for clearing your mind.  I have worked through some brew recipes here and gotten some ideas for future writing. 

Time for a pint…

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