6 degrees of seperation

Have you ever had the question come up “Oh you worked at (insert name here) you must know…?”  And don’t forget the look you received when you have no clue who they are talking about.  Almost an accusatory look, like you must not have a clue as to what you are talking about.  It happens in almost everything, and of course we all have been guilty of it at one point or another (even when we hear our inner voice saying “Shut up moron”). 

I used to get the question when people found out I was in the Marines.  For the record, the Marines are a small force and band of brothers (and sisters), but that really doesn’t mean we all know each other.  Now I get questions about beer.  Mind you, rarely about what makes this style different than this other style or similar questions to that.  Nope, now I get questions like “have you tried (insert name here) from (insert obscure brewery here).” 

Probably about 99% of the beer I drink actually comes from my own brewery.  Usually if I have buy someone elses beer it is because I am either checking out a certain style I have not had before or I am at a bar with friends and I am drinking drafts.  In my travels lately, I find I am not so different from others that spend quite a bit of time brewing.  At times money factors in as well, brewing your own beer ends up being quite a bit cheaper than buying other people’s beer. 

The people who brew tend to be like the people who cook in this regard.  There are some who want something other than what they have been dealing with all day (cooks tend to fill their fridges with take out leftovers).  And then you will find that others stick with what they make almost exclusively. 

When you immerse yourself in the craft beer community it is easy to become lost in the avalanche of information.  The people on the outside hear only bits and pieces most of the time.  So when they hear about a breweries new beer they tend to think that the people who spend their time in beer should know something about it, not realizing that there tends to be dozens of other new beers and such that they haven’t heard of yet. 

Ya know, probably the best part of all that, we can now actually say that there are so many new beers out there that it is close to impossible to sample everyone of em. 

Time for a pint…

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