Cascadian: The Details

It is chilling down now, so not too much longer till I pitch the yeast.  I want to go on record to say that the wort looked reminiscent of hot chocolate when it was getting ready to boil, well until I stepped away for a couple mins and came back to a boil over.

 It gets even better when I find I didn’t hit the gravity I was shooting for.  At first I think that maybe I did something wrong during the lauter (maybe too fast or starch not properly converted), only too find that I have about a gallon or so more wort than I originally intended.  Checking my calculations, I actually hit my efficiency almost perfectly.  Basically I collected a bit too much wort and my boil wasn’t for as long as it would normally be (I actually did shorten it about 15 minutes to try and maintain levels after the boil over).  So those two actions combined worked against me as far as finished product goes.  What sucks is my IBU calculations will be a bit off now too, although only because of the amount of wort.  I followed the planned out usage rate. 

Here we go with the recipe:
12lbs Pale malt
2 lbs Vienna Malt
1.5lbs Amber candi sugar (I make my own… It turns amberish around 310 degrees)

(Cold steeped for 24 hours then liquid is added to boil kettle)
6oz Chocolate malt
5oz Roast Barley
4oz Black Roast Barley
4oz Carafa II
4oz Black Malt

.5oz Warrior               16.7aa 60 min
.5oz Warrior               16.7aa 40 min
.5oz Northern Brewer 8.6aa   30 min
.25oz Northern brewer 8.6aa  20min
.25oz Cascade             6.5aa  20min
.25oz Northern Brewer 8.6aa 10 min
.25oz Cascade             6.5aa   10min

.5oz cascade 6.5aa knockout
1oz Amarillo 9.3aa knockout

Mash schedule
10 minutes 110degrees
1.5hours 148 degrees
10 minutes 165 degrees
90 minute boil

Clean up is done (first time to have everything clean on brewday including the mashtun)

Now time for a pint…

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