Getting ready for the weekend

So I am finally getting ready to do it.  The Cascadian will be brewed on Sunday.  Looking at the hops I have for this, all I can say is this is going to be a monster.  I have Warrior at 16.7% aa, Northern Brewer at 8.6% aa, Cascade at 6.4% aa, and Amarillo at 9.3%aa.   Using Warrior as the base I am still debating how the rest will come into play.  I believe that after tasting the Cobain from the Walldorff in Hastings, I like the idea of the Amarillo for the aroma hops. 

I will be doing the starter for the yeast in just a little bit.  Pretty standard operation for me really.  I am going to be repitching the yeast from a previous batch of beer.  But I want it to be ready to go and healthy for the new batch so I will use 150 grams of malt extract to 1.5 liters of water plus some energizer and nutrients.  This is slightly bigger than what I might set up for a standard beer, but my plans are to make this a pretty big beer.  I am shooting for around 8 or 9% alcohol in the finish.  Need a fairly large amount of yeast to ensure it makes it through to the end. 

I will be using some new tricks and some old tricks in the build out on this beer.  The newest trick will be a cold steep.  Tomorrow I will cold steep the dark grains so that I can get color without so much flavor.  During the brew I plan to add the steep water directly to the kettle so it will not go through the mash tun at all. 

I also will be making some candi sugar, like I have in the past for other IPAs.  Depending on how dark I make the sugar it can add some interesting complexity to the finished beer. 

Time for a pint…

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