Here it is

With the start of a new day (so its noon already,  I’m just getting started), we find ourselves on Mini Repeal day.  The day small beers became legal to drink in the US again, with the fall of prohibition.  Sure that is history and important history at that. 

Well, in case you have been living under a rock, you should know that today marks another special day relating to beer.  Through the efforts of beer writer Lew Bryson we can now think of today as Session beer day. 

I think it appropriate right now to actually guide you to a place where you can find out all sorts of info, including breweries that have committed to taking part in this momentous occasion.  Go here to see the hardwork that has gone into making this day happen.

As for me, I have my session bitters to commemorate the day.  I think at this point it’s time for me to grab a pint maybe two, the joy of the session…

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