The Session #62: What Drives Beer Bloggers?

The April session being hosted by Angelo De Ieso II, from Brewpublic, poses the question “What Drives Beer Bloggers?”  When I look back over the time I have been writing this blog, I realize that I haven’t so much as changed what I originally started this for; I have expanded on my original ideas. 

Originally, this space was a place I could come to, to put down my thoughts on beer and brewing as I was learning how to brew.  This still exists.  My hope is that people come here to learn from my mistakes so that we all can learn how to brew better beer.  At the same time the methods I use to make a new piece of equipment or fabricate something to use in the brewery may be a way that someone else had not thought of yet.  So now I am able to share my ideas with others so that we all can benefit from my insanity. 

In my search to find more information, I started looking into other blogs.  This is where the next revelation came.  With as huge as the beer scene in Michigan is becoming, there are very few sources of information for what is going on.  My aim is to be part of the solution to that need. 

The odd thing is, even before I joined the Marines back in the late 80s, I had plans of being a writer of some type.  But I did not desire to be a journalist.  After I finished my tour I started school as an english major.  It was short lived though because I wanted to write books and I saw a pattern that school only led to a teaching degree or journalism.  I wanted to do neither. 

What I did have though, was a love for beer.  At the time, the beer wasn’t great, it was simply beer.  In Michigan we really didn’t have many choices.  I mean Coors light was exotic.  It was part of the dark time in beer history. 

Enter a new dawn.  In reflection of how I came to be where I am now, I have realized that this is merely a culmination of much of what I have been working toward.  Through this blog I have found a way to share my passion with others.  The funny part is, at times I am a teacher, a journalist, but always a student.  Kinda makes ya wonder what the future may bring…

Time for a pint…

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