Busy Day

So after I kegged the session bitters earlier today I made a pilgramage to Hastings, my destination the Walldorff Brewpub and Bistro.  I used to work for Mike Barnaart (this was during my time at Brooklodge in Augusta, MI) the owner, and his brewer Sam Sherwood is one of the people that helped me when I first started brewing. 

If you haven’t been here yet, know that they are a brewpub and not a brewery.  The difference is that the only place to have beer from the Walldorff is at their one location.  They do not distribute, and their restaurant is just that, a restaurant, not a tasting room.  They do some bottling but only for sale on premise. 

This of course is what Sam was doing when I found him down in the fermentation room.  From a production stand point the method they were using for bottling it a bit tedious.  But it works decently for the amount they bottle.  Sam has a couple taps set up in the side of the beer cooler with faucet connections that he can attach a couple counter pressure bottle fillers to.  Like I said, a bit tedious but it gets the job done. 

As we were talking I some how managed to get rooked into helping (though it might have been the offer of a beer).  So I spent a portion of my afternoon dipping the tops of Cobain (double dark IPA) bottles into wax.  Actually not a bad way to spend your day if I say so myself. 

So now I think I earned a pint …

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