Are we moving toward summer yet?

As is typical for Michigan (even with the odd winter we had this year), we have gone from cold to hot to cold and now mildly warm.  It does not appear that we went back to freezing temperatures like it was feared we might, but woo it did get a bit chilly last week. There were a couple days last week that I would so much rather not have been on the bike, it was just too doggone cold. 

Now as we move into April the signs of spring and eventually summer are coming on strong again.  At my house we actually had to mow the lawn recently, and the tulips in the front flower bed are starting to bloom.  In the beer world, restaurants, bars, and breweries are starting to open their patios. 

These are the sites that let us know everything is gonna be all right and it will be a bit before we find the chill of winter again. 

In other news, I moved the session bitter to the lager unit to chill down before kegging tomorrow.  I have also noticed a certain malaise that seems to come around here around the time when I need to be brewing again.  Its a feeling of, maybe general anticipation, like something needs to happen but its not yet time for it to happen.  I don’t know, maybe its just time for spring and summer to finally be here so I can finish all the normal spring and summer preparation stuff.  Either way, cascadian dark will is on the docket to brew at some point next week.  This one I think will have a bit of prep work with it, so it should be interesting. 

Enough of this, time for a pint. 

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