Entertainment value

There is a trend I am sure most have at least started hearing about by now.  People are starting to move away from services like cable and satelite and even radio.  We stepped away from the high cost of satelite a few years ago and started watching Netflix through our Xbox pretty much as soon as it became available.  As Microsoft has added more and more entertainment to the Xbox lineup we have begun customizing our viewing habits around what we find available. 

Normally the only time I listen to the radio is when I am in the car.  My Xbox has enough music that I don’t need to bother with a radio in the house.  Another part of this trend is internet programs that are like watching mini shows.  Some of them are done amazingly well, with better storylines than stuff you find on network tv. 

What does this have to do with beer?  Quite a bit actually.  There are a number of enterprising individuals out there that are now creating their own infotainment and making it readily available for the beer public.  A site that caused me to break out my mp3 player again for is The Brewing Network.  Not only do they have live shows online but you can also download their shows as a pod cast. 

If you are looking for video infotainment, Youtube has become a repository for quite a number of beer related videos.  You can watch anything from reviews, how to, and brewing news. 

I am a little bewildered when I find traditional networks that are fighting to hold on to the old ways of distribution.  I went to TNT’s network site earlier today and found full episodes of some shows to watch on their site, but only if you subscribe to a service provider.  Makes me wonder if they might be missing something. 

Time for a pint…

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