The possibilities…

I have been thinking lately of what could be a really cool brewery.  You know with me it would have to be something a bit different than what everyone else is doing.  I like what they are doing over at Wolvering Brewing with an all lager line up.  Gah, I still need to head over and visit them.  But ya, I really wouldn’t want to do what they are doing.  I also wouldn’t want to add in yet another ale brewery, it seems everyone is doing that.  And even more so, quite a few breweries are moving into sours and barrel aged beers.

I do like the idea of a meadery although it isn’t something I would want as my sole product.  I do love some mead.  B. Nectar meadery is putting out some amazing stuff. 

I always seem to find myself looking toward wheat and rye.  I like the idea of using these as a main focus and seeing how their use will affect most traditional styles.  This makes me wonder how a braggot would work with wheat as a base.  I think most only think of a few styles of wheat beers when they think of them.  Based on how I have used wheat over the years, you can get much more flavor combos then you find in the few commercially available wheats now.  If you use 3 floyds as a reference point with Gumball Head, you can start to see the possibilities of where wheat beers can go. 

I think I need a pint while I think about this…

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