And the hype continues

As the media train continues to plow forward, I am sure we all know by now that Bell’s Oberron is available again.  For the past few days we have heard nothing but raves of its greatness and anything else the media circus can throw in.  But then I ran across this article earlier today. 

I sense some similarities between this and the Dark Lord release and KBS release.  One way or another there is a mass hysteria about the seasonal beer becoming available.  The bigger difference between Oberron and many of the others though is its longer run so we shouldn’t see the over-inflated prices that we see in the limited release beers. 

Something to think about here, we do have a couple of rock star brewers in the world of beer, but for the most part it is the beers that remain the rock stars.  When you look at professional cooking, it is the chef that is the most important part of the restaurants cuisine.  But when its beer, its what you take with you.  I may not have Jim Koch at my backyard BBQ, but I sure can have a 6-pack of Sam Adam’s Boston Lager.  To put in even more perspective, most people can’t even name the brewmaster for the flagship Budweiser, but they can point out the beer and the logo anywhere. 

And now we come back in this circular thought.  Is it possible that the hype surrounding Oberron release day is similar to the hype surrounding Budweiser?  Does the beer really merit the attention that it receives?

Ponder that while I find a pint…

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