There ya go

There are a few more kinks to work out on the new brewing system setup but today it worked quite well anyway.  I ended up at a SG of 1.044 quite within where I wanted to be.  With all the playing around with the system I have been doing lately this is the first to be almost dead on with where I want to be. 

As it stands right now, I recently moved the baby down to its home for the next few days.  It was only about 4 to 5 hours before the yeast were actively bubbling.  You really gotta love what you get from harvesting your yeast. 

I am now at a point of not knowing what will be next.  I have been thinking of the cascadian but I also realize that Cinco de Mayo is coming up.  That is the perfect time for Tequila Sunset.  I now need a few things for either beer but either one would be a great beer to have in the current line up.  Either way, that brew day is further down the road so it isn’t a concern right now. 

Instead, I think I will find a pint…

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