Brew day bitters

I had meant to brew yesterday but instead was rooked into taking my oldest to orientation for college.  Gah when did this happen?  My oldest kid is getting way too old now.   But I digress…

So now I am brewing today, of course it has been raining all day so instead of brewing on the deck I am forced to brew in the garage like its the middle of winter or something.  The brew has gone swimmingly so far.  The new cooler set up as a hot liquor tank has been perfect.  The mash maintained a good temp through the entire lauter. 

I realized something earlier as well today.  I have been approximating my hop additions forever.  My scale has a metric setting.  I found that if I use that I can more easily break down my hop additions to a bit more of an exact measurement.  It may not make a huge difference, but it is something new for me to play with. 

Bitters Recipe:

6lbs Pale malt
1lb pilsner malt
1lb wheat malt
4oz special B

14g UK Challenger (fwh)
14g UK Challenger (60m)
14g Kent Goldings (20m)
14g Kent Goldings (5m)

acid rest 110degrees  10 min
Sacchrification rest 154 degrees 60 min
mash out 168 degrees 10 min
WLP 0013 London ale yeast (1L starter)

Should be a nice session beer when done (though may end up a touch hoppy)

And brew day choice of pints today is Rum Rebellion.  I am using a tulip glass which really helps to showcase the oak and maltiness of the beer.

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