When not at the pub…

There comes a time when you spend less time at the pub and a bit more time at home.  Or maybe it is more that you find you have a much better atmosphere at home than you do in any pub.  I ran across a concept earlier today that seems to be repeating from different sources.  Where is the place a man goes when he is home to get away from all the world around him, a mancave. 

Growing up, the space was a tool room with cool power tools, a garage for working on cars, or in a couple places I knew some guys who had entire rooms devoted to model trains.  In my parents house it was a wood shop (oddly I have little skill with wood working).  To this day the room in my parents house still is the tool room, though now it is more a storage room in a dark corner of the basement. 

Now, we find websites devoted to build outs of the mancave.  Man cave site, is a website to show off the custom work we have put into our inner sanctums.  The build outs on these rooms is more often than not a personal project.  It is part of the rite to earning our own space. 

When it comes to building out your own space there are a few good places to check out online.  The first to check out would be from the DIY network.  They have a show devoted to staking a claim to your own territory. 

Personally, I have been slowly building out my own pub.  I have debated for some time about whether or not I want to add an actual bar or just have a table in front of my taps.  Looking at these sites This Old House and Precision Images, shows just how easy it can be to build out the perfect bar for almost any Mancave. 

In essence, the only real reason not to go to the pub, is because you have not really left it in the first place. 

Let’s find a pint while we think about this…

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