Where did the day go

Today is one of those kind of days where it just addles your brain.  The sun is shining, its warm, the birds are singing…

Ya, I am still lost trying to figure out where this post is going…  I think this is my third or fourth beginning. 

The weather right now reminds me of the summer days from when I was a kid.  I would imagine sitting on the deck in the shade, talking to my wife about summer days gone by probably added to it.  Sometimes there is just this perfect chemistry that makes you meld into the woodwork of your day and become one with the space that is solely yours. 

Oddly, I didn’t have a beer in my hand.  The rye I have on tap right now would have fit in perfectly.  I spent more of my energy lost in thought of times gone by.  Have you ever followed the tastes remembered in your mind to see where they take you?  From the rye I have now I flowed to the upcoming brew of Tequila Sunset (an agave wheat). 

Then out of the blue I went to the time I was in the UAE (United Arab Emerites).  I was sitting in the hotel bar of the Sheraton in Ahbu Dhabi or was it Dubai, I can’t really remember which one.  It was here that I refused to drink an American beer (when our choices were Bud or Miller) instead I found something German, Oranjeboom.  This was probably the first craft like beer I had ever had.  It blew my mind that it was nothing like anything I had ever had before.  Mind you, it was also that around this time I thought I was worldly because I liked to drink cognac and smoke cigars.  That’s what educated people do, you know. 

I find the saddest part of this story to be that Inbev closed the brewery in 2004.  No one else will have that moment with that beer that I did. 

I think I need a pint…

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