Moments in History

Stan Hieronymus posed the question “Is there a year that changed beer?”  Upon consideration, I realize that beer is such an integral part of our culture, we can look into our past and find continuous moments where beer has made an impact. 

Beer is so invariably tied to who we are and how we live, I think we take it for granted.  Throughout our history, beer has been our constant companion.  According to some it is the reason we know the civilization that we have today.  For that matter, some of our greatest discoveries have come about because of beer. 

Many craft beer geeks vilify “Big Beer” because of the way they do things, but if you look at the beginnings of the company that Adolphus Busch built you will find many innovations that help to make life as we know it today possible.  It is irrelevant whether or not they created the innovations.  The most important part is how they used the technology. 

I could go on and on about this but I would rather guide you to some sources for the information that can lead you to enlightenment…

How Beer Saved the World

History of Beer in America

Radical Brewing

You read, I’ll have a pint…

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