Found at the bottom of a sock drawer…

I sit here in awe.  I had read last night that the current going price for a ticket of Three Floyd’s Dark Lord Imperial Stout was around $200.  That was shocking in itself.  So I did a check on Ebay to see what they are going for today.  First listing is $800 for two tickets.  Mind you, this is the highest price.  The average is more between $100 and $200. 


I see this and I find I am again amazed at what people will do.  Understand that I am not saying anything about this beer.  My reaction is to strides people will make to show how easily they can be manipulated by ratings boards or what have you. 

Maybe the country really is recovering and we are doing way better than it seems.  I know when I was working as a cook, I had to work overtime to see $400 in one week.  I guess I didn’t realize that other people had that kind of disposable income…

The thing that gets me is Three Floyds is not unique in this kind of hysteria.  Other breweries have run into similar situations.  Recently at Founders the release of KBS sold out in an hour or less.  You have to wonder, do these beers have some special property that makes you sexier to women or maybe make you younger?  Are they the Holy Grail?

Maybe its me?  Perchance I just don’t get it?  Have I become jaded because I rarely buy beer anymore?  With three taps of what ever I want to brew, does that make me immune to the allure of this hysteria?

Maybe I just need a pint so I can ponder this…

3 thoughts on “Found at the bottom of a sock drawer…

  1. I have been to the 2010 and 2011 Dark Lord Day events, and I have to agree on the pricing…it can get out of hand, and here is why…I only paid $10 for my tickets because I was lucky enough to get in on time and buy mine online when the ticket sales went live. But what happened at the day of the 2010 event made me a bit furious.I had just purchased my 8 bottles of Dark Lord (8 because I was allowed 4 and my wife was allowed 4) when this guy approached me wanting to buy all of my bottles. Right there in front of everybody he offered me up to $60 a bottle! The good thing about Dark Lord is the price has not increased since the day they started making it. It is still $15 a bottle. So this guy was offering me 4 times the amount. I basically told him it’s because of guys like you that we have to pay $10 to get into the event because all you want to do is turn around and sell it for even more! You don’t even care about the beer!When I told him that, for a moment I thought maybe I was stupid for not selling it to him. But everyone around that was in listening distance started applauding and made me realize my decision was good. All I wanted is the beer, not to make a onetime quick profit off 8 bottles of beer like this jacka**! 

  2. Absolutely, when did it move away from the beer? The worst part about the greed involved is that the people selling at outrages prices are getting away with it because there is someone else out there willing to pay that price.

  3. It's all supply and demand. Because you know those 40 year old men buying Tickle Me Elmos back in the day weren't buying them for themselves! (or were they….??? LOL)

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