Getting ready for summer

I have been trying to think of a use for the old drink cooler has been sitting in my garage for some time now.  Originally I have thought I might turn it into a second mash tun so I would have a different option to use when brewing.  And then a strike of inspiration smacked me upside the head last night. 

My first run with continuous sparging went well, but I saw a few problems that I have been wanting to rectify.  The biggest problem came from the fact that without insulation on my bottling bucket I lost quite a bit of heat on my sparge water.  Enter the drink cooler:

Now I have a hot liquor tank that should hold temperature much better.
Looking at the weather we have been having lately, I think it is getting to the time when I will be able to brew outside again.  I took a few minutes today to set up the system to see how it will fit together when I go to brew in just a few days. 
Who knows, maybe one day I might have an actual brew sculpture set up to hold all this rag tag stuff. 
Time for a pint…

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