Field trip

I had an interesting evening.  The impetus of the night was a trip to Salut for what was supposed to be a Jameson tasting.  For whatever reason their might have been, the rep never showed up.  Annoying but not the worst thing that could happen in your day, right? 

From there I headed off to Bell’s General Store.  I picked up the hops I will be using for Cascadian dark I will be brewing next week.  I am going to be using Warrior, Northern Brewer, Challenger, and Kent Goldings.  It should end up a bit different than most would expect.  More on this one soon.

Probably one of the more important parts of the evening was my visit with my friend Lucas.  We caught up with each other, sitting on his back porch drinking Coronas of all things.  Today was a great day for relaxing on the deck.  I think all we were missing was a fired up grill and some burgers sizzling in the early evening air. 

My final stop of the evening was at Bacchus.  This place will always have a special place in my heart.  I used to work here and find I am still friends with Brian Caplan the owner and his son Dean who tends to run the store now.  Back when I worked there Brian kept a good variety of import beers, craft was only just beginning to gain ground in Michigan.  The craft selection has gotten much better since then.  And of course my favorite part of their coolers, they are cool with you breaking a sixpack to pick up singles or make your own sixer. 

And now, time for a pint…

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