Brewer Spotlight: Kevin Becraft

Quite often when you think of a restaurant or a brewery you picture the chef or brewmaster.  As important as they are we tend to forget the people who are just as important to the success of a company.  Many times there is a person who is a mainstay.  They set the mood for the people working with them.  Give them a reason for coming to work that day (because we all know that at times we just don’t want to get out of bed). 

I met Kevin Becraft a while before I worked at Arcadia Brewing Company.  It was on a Monday, I was there to volunteer to work on the bottling line.  They were filled up with volunteers already (a home brew club came in to help that day) but Kevin took the time to give me a quick tour of the brewery.

After I went to work for Arcadia, Kevin became a friend.  Even though I worked in the kitchen, he would often show me how what I was doing as a home brewer translated into what they were doing in the production brewery.  You could say maybe it was just me, but the reality is, Kevin made such an impression on Arcadia that before he moved out of state they made a beer and named it after him. 

Kevin and his family now life in California.  He is working at Dust Bowl Brewing.  If you make it out there, tell him I said “Sup.”

Time for a pint…

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