And now, the Rye…

There are a few things weighing in my mind right now.  Foremost among them is the Rye.  I kegged it just a bit ago today.  It finished out at 5.25% and the flavor is fantastic.  Tomorrow I will carbonate it and get a better idea of what the beer is all about.  But considering the current weather, it is the perfect timing for this one. 

Coming soon…
My current plan is to brew up a India black ale next week.  I am still formulating the recipe (at least in my head anyway) so nothing is yet set in stone for this brew. 

Another beverage in the planning stages (again recipe formulation in my mind) will be a blueberry mead.  This may end up as a pretty big mead when all is said and done.  Look for future updates. 

In other news, we started work on the logo design for possible shirts in the future.  Thats right, you heard me.  10th Day Brewing is going to be offering its own line of shirts.  Great gift ideas if I say so myself.

Now let’s find a pint, work is just exhausting…

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