Do the nasty…

Its another tech Wednesday.  The direction I am going today is cleaning.  I was inspired by a new item I saw in a catalog yesterday, but I will get to that in short order. 

Cleaning can be one of the most dreaded chores or our brew day.  Specifically, carboy cleaning.  Granted most use a common carboy brush.  It did come with our starter kit so it must be good right.

In the end, this is also one of the reasons we dread cleaning so much.  It is tedious and well, just not high tech enough. 

Enter Mark’s keg and carboy washer, I ran across this thing yesterday and found it to be pretty cool.  It even has an area where you can hold some of your smaller items while you take care of the bigger stuff.  I do find it a little pricey but that is because I always have too many other projects going on. 

This next one is a little more low tech, and possibly a better price point for some people.  The carboy cleaner works with a drill which most of us already have anyway.  The video is fun to watch.  I see a disadvantage with having to buy new cleaning pads, long term those costs can add up. 

Now my favorite of the ones I looked at today, something you can build.  Granted this would be yet another project that I will add to the list of all the projects in the brewery.  But it is a pretty nice one to consider working on.  The pump will make this one a bit pricey, but at least in my view, building your own equipment is one of the things that makes brewing fun. 

Time for a pint…

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