Thoughts for the day…

I have run across a few articles today to share.  First and foremost involves barrel aging of beers.
This one I found to be quite interesting.  For the other, it would almost seem that Goose Island is almost becoming two seperate breweries.  The barrel aging portion of their brewery is getting bigger. 

If you haven’t seen any of the news on this yet, it is worth checking out.  My favorite part comes from the reactions to the idea.  I wonder if growlers are still a craft thing, where the mainstream is not yet sure what exactly they are.  It seems the mainstream look at the idea of filling a growler as “I’m gonna get plowed and then drive around.”

And now my last bit for today is a PSA.  I think this article says it quite well.  Of the many real bar nights we run across, St. Patricks day can be one of the worst.  I dare say most people only see it as an excuse to go out and get wasted, but have no real idea of what the day really means. 

With all that said, its time for a pint…

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