Late night reading…

This article actually raises a few more questions for me than it answers.  Not necessarily about beer in Colorado, but about the laws in other states.  Most of our current laws pertaining to alcohol stem back to prohibition.  The 21st amendment is to this day the only amendment to the constitution that has been individually passed from state to state.  It was because of this unique repeal that now states control how alcohol is handled within their own jurisdiction. 

I live within a couple miles of Bell’s production brewery.  If you drive just a few miles east and south you end up in a township that is dry.  When you think of the alcohol laws in Michigan, you need to picture enough legal copy to fill a book 3 inches thick, definately not a quick read.  But then we look across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin and you find essentially a leaflet. 

This all makes me wonder, if we had collectively standardized laws, how do you think that would affect the craft beer movement?

I am heading to a pint while you think about that…

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