There comes a point in your life when you look back and think “WTF was I thinking.”  Sometimes that happens quite often and then there are times when that doesn’t happen nearly enough.  I seem to be looking back a bit more often lately.  It may be that I am approaching a milestone birthday (gah, what happened to all those years). 

Where was I going with this?  I was thinking of a time when I was in the Marines and as was the norm for that time in my life, I drank way too much.  We were at the Beach club, so named because it was pretty much right on the San Onofre beach, Camp Pendleton side.  If you didn’t have a car, the only way to get there was by bus.  But the bus dropped you off at the old PX and then you had to hike a trail (about a 1/4 mile) to the club.  This trail was only partially cleared, this club wasn’t as popular anymore as the Del Mar E-club (another story or maybe later). 

Like I said, this club was pretty dead.  Basically all we did there was drink.  I don’t even remember if there were pool tables.  Oddly, I don’t even remember what it looked like inside, except dark, it was very dark.  They did have a breathalizer, I remember this because it is the only bar I have ever seen one.  I ended up so drunk that night that the trail of death (the name we gave the path between the PX and the club) kept moving on me.  I ended up leaning on the Marine I was with; wouldn’t have made it back without him.  Or at least I might have found myself waking up in the dirt the next morning. 

I guess it’s good that the stupidity of our youth gives us a bit more wisdom as we age. 

Enough of this for now… It’s time for a pint

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