Beer is why we are gathered here today…

Today was a productive day.  Of course that means I got to hang out and have a beer or two.  I spent a portion of my afternoon with Hop Head Fred at Sunset Boulevard brewing in Kalamazoo.  Sunset is a fairly new brewery so I hadn’t had a chance to check em out as yet, at least since they have been open.  The last time I had been inside was a little over a year ago when they were still getting ready.  I dare say the place has come together since then. 

I managed to show up a little bit earlier than Hop Head so I took the opportunity to do a bit of wandering around.  Of course this meant I spent some time with the brewer (Tom) while he was working on a brew.  He had what looked to be a nice rye boiling away while we were talking.  They are currently working with a 1 barrel system, with hopes of moving into a 3 barrel soon.  The joy of a nano brewery … there is always room to move up as business calls for more.

Back in the bar, I found Hop Head sitting at the bar talking to the bartender.  And now the real work began.  We each ordered a sample flight and commenced to drinking and sharing beer stories (there are always beer stories).  Don’t hate me for not remembering the names of their brews but I will say that their American wheat and their double IPA were tasty and well done, my clear favorites of the day. 

All in all, was a good day, and now I think I might continue with a pint…

edit note … added a couple links I missed

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