What you watch

Be forwarned, this post almost nothing to do with beer…

I tend to watch a good mix of stuff on Netflix.  Today I have spent some time watching a show called Ultimate Weapons (once a Marine always a Marine).  One of the episodes I saw today was titled “Firepower.”  All I can say is … wow!

While I was in the corpes I was a dragon gunner.  The Dragon was a wire guided missle thats sole purpose was to kill tanks.  This was a job with almost no life expectancy in combat.  I also spent time carrying an M-16 with an M-203 attachment.  We know what the M-16 is sure, no biggie.  The 203 was a 40mm grenade launcher that fit under the rifles barrel. 

The reason I bring this up is because the way technology changes is amazing.  The show showcased a couple weapons that kinda knocked these two out of the water.  The first was a grenade launcher that held 6 rounds similar to a revolver pistol.  I was impressed, a rifle that shoots out 6, 40mm rounds before you need to reload is a scary thing. 

The other was a missle called the Javelin.  From what I could tell, it was a super upgraded Dragon round.  Instead of a wire guided missile, we have a fire and forget it missile that does not miss.  I was floored.   The gunner gets a lock on the target and then this lock is transferred to the missile.  The missile can either directly hit the target or it can do a death from above. 

If you aren’t impressed by super cool weaponry, this means nothing.  But if you are like me and find it fascinating to see how the technology changes, this is some really cool stuff. 

Enough of this, I need a pint…

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