Tech day

In an effort to help streamline the brewery and make it seem like I know what I am doing at least half the time, I picked up a set of feeler gauges to check the gap on my malt mill.  Seems pretty straight forward, slide in a blade till you find the size you are looking for, right?  Well, things aren’t always as easy as they should seem.  Looking at these blades I realize I have no clue what it is I am trying to read. 

Wow, ego is now crushed a bit.  I mean, I am a man, this stuff should come naturally.  So now it is time to save my manhood, I check the internet.  After a quick check on Google I realize I am not the only dumbass who can’t read a feeler gauge.  Here is the link to a site I found most helpful.

I find that the set of gauges I have now do not have a single blade that is the right size.  After doing the math I found the combo that works to put me within the right range.  After checking the malt mill, I find it is at the upper end of proper milling tolerances.  I may need to adjust, but its ok still for at least my next brew day. 

Lets find us a pint … it seems fitting

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