A chickpea is neither a chick nor a pea… discuss

My mind was wandering as it often does while I was driving the other day.  I am a geek, I freely admit this.   I grew up playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.  Yes, I know this is going to scare some people (freaky dork … he is one of them…).  I also spent time as a Marine (not what you might expect from your typical geek).  You would be surprised how many service men actually play games like that or even worse for the true geekaphobe, collect comic books…

Where was I going with this again?  Oh yeah, geekitude and my thoughts the other day.  I was thinking of how some people play games and I came upon a realization.  The typical gamer looks for the weapon that deals the most damage.  Which is why you end up with clerics who normally could not wield pointed or cutting weapons using stuff like a lucerne hammer (a type of pole arm).  My favorite will always be thieves who try to back stab with a two handed sword. 

My mind a correlation between gaming and beer (it always comes back to beer).  Sometimes an IPA is the thief with the two handed sword.  You know its crazy, you know it shouldn’t work, but sometimes it sneaks by and whammo. 

The gist of the whole mess is its in our nature, no matter how we view ourselves, to push for bigger, bolder, better.  Sometimes we just need to take a step back and breathe and realize, wow, what was I thinking?  Maybe you were the cleric mistakenly using the lucerne hammer and it just wasn’t working.  Or maybe if you were really lucky, you were that sneaky thief who found just the right time to work the two hander into the mix and whammo…

It’s time for a pint…

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