…This fully operational battlestation!

First things, the rye is in full swing.  Full blown fermentation started before the 12 hour mark.  I’ll be playing with it again around the middle of next week.

Now, I am getting ready to keg the Rebellion.  I just did a gravity check and then put it in the lagering unit so it can chill down before I possibly keg it tomorrow.

 I have run across an interesting notion in the meantime.  When I check gravity I usually use that sample as a taste test as well.  Oh, and it has finished at 6%, so I am happy with its finish so far.  The thought I am having though, is it seems a bit harsh still.  Currently, I wonder if it would mellow a touch if I let it lager for an extra week. 

I must have watched too many episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.”  As I wrote that, I had a flash of Barney in my mind saying challenge accepted.  I do believe that it will now be next week Saturday that I keg the Rebellion. 

And now with all the “Return of the Jedi” referrences floating around in my head, I think I will go find a pint…

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