Rye Brew day

A couple things transpired today, all in the space of the brew session.  The obvious thing was, ya, I brewed the rye.  We knew that was happening.  The not so obvious, today was tester day for the new sparge arm.  The brew session itself went quite well, pretty much par for the course.  Actually, it was kinda nice to get it over and done with during the day so now I have the rest of my time to spend doing other stuff (and I am not bleary eyed at like 4 am trying to figure out what I can put off cleaning). 

The sparge went well.  I had one mishap while getting a screwdriver for the hose clamp on the bucket connection where the hose popped off, spraying a small bit of water to the floor.  Considering that today was the first run with a continuous sparge I didn’t expect to have super great numbers but I did expect to see a bit of an improvement over my normal set up.  Happily I did at least achieve an improvement and see that the system does what I want it to.  I ended up with roughly a 72% efficiency an improvement over my usual 68ish. 

Now, on to the recipe…

5lbs pale malt (2 row)
3lbs Rye malt
2lbs Wheat malt

1oz  (4.3 aa) Hallertau 60 min
1oz  (4.5 aa) Hersbrucker 20 min
1oz  (4.1 aa) Hallertau (leaf) 5 min

Multi step infusion
110 degrees for 20 min
148 degrees for 30 min
156 degrees for 30 min

Now, time for a pint…

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