Preppin to brew

Tomorrow morning I will begin the brew of a, can we call it a rye?  It will be a rye and wheat hybrid but rye will be the predominant of the two grains.  I am anxious to get this one underway.  It isn’t the first time I have used rye in a beer but it is the first time using as much as I will be using for this brew.

This will also be the first brew day of the new sparging set up.  All sorts of new toys to play with tomorrow, I kinda feel like a kid at Christmas. 

Without going into too much detail yet, I will say that I will be using German hops with this one.  But I am not using a German yeast strain.  I actually am set to use my old stand by of WLP 0013 London ale.  I am looking for the malt and the hops to outshine the effects of the yeast itself.  Should be an interesting beer when its done. 

Now, time for a pint…

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