Sparge-arm testing…

I now have all the pieces for the sparge-arm and have run testing.  I dare say it should prove to be quite workable.  My next stage will be glueing the pieces together for final assembly.  And now for some pics…

This is a shot of the individual pieces.

As you can see it does work. 

And here is the current set up.

Once the weather warms up again (ie freedom from winter), I will be able to move the entire operation outside again.  Maybe even one day I can build an actual brew stand so I can look a bit more high tech. 

A key feature of this set up is the spicket on the bottling bucket.  It allows me to control the flow of water going to the mash tun.  This allows me to use a heavier hose for transfering (as opposed to a thinner hose that can use a flow control pinchy thing). 

Before I finish this, I want to put a plug in for the amazing utility of milk crates in the brewery.  As you can see they make great perches.  They also can hold a full case of brown 12oz bottles, great when bottling.  They are waterproof so when you wash off your bottles you don’t have to worry about destroying the case.  They also make great carry-alls for various brewing paraphenalia (I keep my wort chiller and hoses in one). 

Well, I think its now time for a pint…

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