It must be fate…

Ended up going to a wild game dinner with my father tonight at his church.  Personally, I have a list of all the odd things I have eaten and am always looking to expand it.  I was hoping for some kangaroo to add to the list.  Sadly, there wasn’t any this time.  So nothing new to add but I did run across some tasty morsels none the less.  Highlights of the evening include duck sausage with cherries, elk, goose, and venison sloppy joes (nice combo of meats for that one), elk and moose meatballs, and of course the all time favorite spicy alligator sausage. 

They do this dinner once a year and have a drawing for some nice prizes (well, if you are a hunter anyway).  Personally, I have never really been a hunter but I do enjoy eating animals.  My father had an opportunity to pick up a muzzle loading shotgun as a prize.  Granted, this would have been a pretty cool prize but honestly since neither of us hunt it would have been wasted on us.  Instead he ended up grabbing a turkey frier kit (stand and burner with pot… just needs a propane tank).  Again, something he most likely will never use, but for me, well this may be the second burner for my future brew stand.  Sometimes things just work out…

Well, now its time for a pint…

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