Mashtun update…

I made it out to Lowes earlier today and picked up the stuff for my new sparge arm.  The one thing I have found while building various components for my brewery, the people at Lowes tend to be some of the most helpful for plumbing issues (well outside of my local hardware store).  In fact I have even run across other home brewers while shopping for components. 

I have a just a bit more work to do on the spargearm now before it is ready for service (mainly drilling drip holes).  Tomorrow I will need a quick trip to exchange a hose barb that I bought too small (figures I forgot to bring stuff to ensure proper fit).  I will also be picking up some new high temp resistant hose for sparging with. 

Should I be worried that this project is actually going smoother than most should expect?

On that note, time for a pint…

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