Looking Back

I grew up in a time when we didn’t have the mass influx of craft breweries that we have today.  We had the big two, Coors was almost like an import. Light (lite) beer was something that real men didn’t drink.  And don’t forget, who puts fruit in beer, such a thing would be considered ridiculous at best. 

When I was growing up, this was local beer.  Hamms had some great commercials.  This was a great one too.  Its funny how stuff like this replays in your mind.  Ever since the Martin Mull commercial I have always referenced thick necked people as Gunthers in my mind.  I would be remiss if I did not add in this one too.  It isn’t even a question anymore about it being less filling; it’s now all about not wanting those excess calories.  Then as now, gimmicky ads were used to sell beer.  But as you can see, after all this time they still stick with you. 

I will say though, the ads that stick with me more now are the ones like this.  The ads from Sam Adams actually talk realistically about the beer. 

Enough of this … it’s time for a pint…

2 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. I had Narragansett as the local brew. The nationals were Bud, Schlitz and Miller. There were a few other regionals around Black Label, Schaeffer, Piels and Knickerbocker. I talk about it in some of my reviews it was a bad time for beer drinkers.

  2. I remember hearing about Knickerbocker. The interesting thing is alot of these are American Lagers … except for Ballantines which I didn't even think existed except on the show Frasier until I did some more reading.

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