Rereading stuff…

Recently I have been rereading John Palmer’s “How to Brew.”  I find that now that I have been brewing for a while, there is a bit that makes more sense now than it did the first time I read it.  Granted a good deal is based on the practical application of ideas presented, but ya know, it is one of those things that helps mark the info on your brain.  Sometimes you can glean a new spark from something you feel you might have surpassed. 

On that note Charlie Papazian posted a pic on Facebook recently that got me to thinkin.  For those who might not have seen it or might have forgotten it, it was of a makeshift gravity fed sparging system.  The wheels began spinning in my brain system.  I remembered seeing the sprinkler used for sparge water somewhere else.  Sure enough, digging through my “Brew Ware” book I find the same design in there. 

The coolest part of the pic was it showed that the system itself was super low tech.  At least two parts of the entire system were plastic buckets.  The sparge water was fed to the sprinkler via a syphon.  For me, that isn’t quite as much control as I like.  I remembered that I have a bottling bucket that I rarely ever use with a spigot attachment.  I can attach a hose to that which connects to the sprinkler.   With the handy dandy use of milk crates (no brewery should ever be without them) I will now have a low tech gravity fed sparging system. 

And now of course, this gives me yet another project to work on.  I plan to get the sprinkler built within the next couple days and should have some pics ready to post before the end of the week.  If all goes well my next brew will be done with the new set up. 

Now, I must drink … someone, find me a pint, stat…

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