As I sit here drinking a bottle of Saison, I ponder what new challenges I have in store for the future.  As always I have my ever growing list of brewery projects.  One I am pondering now I will hold for a future post. 

Of course there are always more beers to brew as well.  Mainly because it is now right in front of me and it is quite tasty, I am certain I will need to brew this Saison again sometime closer to summer.  But there is something a bit more, a beer that I have never brewed before.  We are coming on a time when I think a Cascadian IPA (or black IPA or any of the other names they go by now) is in order. 

The Cascadian will be an interesting challenge, midnight black without the overpowering bitter that comes from darker roast malts.  This may take a slight bit of preparation to decide what route I will take in its formulation.  This should be a fun brew when I get to work on it. 

And now… the pint is at hand…

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