I don’t often do this, but there are times when I run across something that is so cool I just need to talk about it.  It wasn’t to long ago that I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Becker (well through IMs anyway) of http://www.bbbarfly.com/.  They recently updated their website and I want to say its pretty darn sweet. 

For bartenders the idea is pretty cool.  For the most part, most bartenders open bottles with a simple bottle opener or even the rare occasion…  with a lighter.  With the bbbarfly a bartender is able to add some super sweet flair and pizzass to opening a bottle.  Mind you, I don’t bottle so much right now but I think I need one just to play around and pretend like I’m supercool. 

As always I am a strong supporter of small businesses.  The sad part of this one is they be in Canada (so not very close to me at all).  But I forgive them for that. 

Ya know, I could spend my time talking them up and down but I would rather let them speak for themselves.  The best part is, their new website does that quite well.  Check it out, the videos are awesome (so they be entertaining if nothing else). 

Now with that said… its still time for a pint…

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