Musings in a pint…

As I sit here looking at this blank computer screen I have this odd desire to post something poetic and philisophical about Valentine’s day.  But to me the reality is, its just another day.  The sad thing is we as a group of people seem to need a special day to tell us to honor our loves.  Its like setting aside a special day to remember your dead or to commemorate your history.  Honestly, have we put ourselves in such a position that we are so busy in our lives that we take everything for granted?

 I ponder all this while I am drinking what I feel should be the national drink for VD, an IPA.  Why do I say this, you might ask?  IPA to me is bitter sweet, as all great loves should be.  There will always be tough times and tough decisions but at the same time you will run across that sweetness of love that balances it all out.  When all the dust has settled its a great time to sit back and ponder that bitter-sweetness that we call love and remember how it has touched our lives.

With that said, I am going to ponder the bottom of this glass of IPA… 

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