Rebellion the recipe

Rum Rebellion is fermenting just fine.  Although I was at work for the start, I am confident that as always the bubbles started within 12 hours of pitching the yeast.  The only time I get faster start ups is when I repitch yeast from batch to batch (which I will most likely be doing with the yeast from this beer).  And now the purpose of this post…

Here is the recipe for Rum Rebellion (at least the recipe I used to brew this batch)…

10 lbs Marris Otter
2 lbs Vienna
.5 lbs Wheat malt
2 oz Roasted barley

1oz EK Goldings 5.8AA (60 min)
1 oz Czech Saaz 3AA (20 min)
1 oz Czech Saaz 3 AA(5 min)
1 liter of WLP 013 London ale yeast from white labs.

Mash Schedule:
110 degrees for 30 min
148 degrees for 45 min
156 degrees for 15 min

When I go to secondary I will be using .5 oz of oak chips that have been soaked in Capt Morgan’s spiced rum for 1 week.  The beer will sit on these for 2 weeks. 

There have been a few changes from the time I originally brewed this beer, but this gives me an opportunity to evaluate different ways this beer can be improved. 

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