Rum Rebellion… the beginning

Working on the sparge for Rum Rebellion as we speak.  Earlier today I prepped the oak chips that will go into secondary.  I did a three step infusion for this one and hit every hit rest almost perfectly.  Its one of those things that just makes ya happy.  Mind you I am also enjoying some New Year IPA while I work on this. 

As I watch the sparge in action I find that I really do want to set up the brew stand soon.  Using my kitchen counter for gravity feed just seems so hobbyist.  Of course, since the garage isn’t heated I would still need to do the mash and sparge in the house anyway. 

I transfered the bock(ish) to secondary earlier today as well.  I am happy to say that it is now sitting at roughly 9% alcohol.  It will be slightly dry for a dopplebock but I am quite happy with how it finished out percentagely speaking.  I won’t even be thinking of kegging it till may now. 

The Bock has worked out much nicer than the first one I brewed.  It’s interesting to see the change that using actual lager yeast has on the beer.  When I opened the fermenter I was smacked in the face by the sharp bite of the alcohol.  It’s looking to be a nice beer when it is finally done.

Well now, back to work, or at least it’s now time for a pint…

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