The Quest

Lately I find myself running an old commercial through the video of my mind on a continuous loop.  I think it was an 80s commercial for the peace corpes but that is slightly irrelevant currently.  The importance of the commercial was the message “How can I find a job without experience; how can I get experience without a job?” 

The craft brewing industry is growing up.  It is getting to the point where most of the breweries that are looking for employees seem to be looking solely for people with professional brewing experience.  This is even to the point where it seems you have no chance of being taken seriously if you haven’t at least gotten formal training at one of the very few brewing schools (with mile long waiting lists).  A far cry from where we started with people working in their garage and basing their success solely on a dream. 

I have spent the past few years working towards a dream.  Although I have not gotten a formal brewing education, I have spent quite a bit of my time working on brewing theory.  Brewing chemistry holds a fascination for me.  I run my home brewery as a production brewery.  Even though I do not have the equipment that a production brewery has, I strive to maintain every aspect of my brewery as a commercial brewery should be. 

Other than in this blog, I have made it no secret that I am looking for work in the brewing industry.  So now I am moving my search to hopefully a place where more will see my intentions.  At least with this writing some of what I have been working on can be seen. 

So now, I am going to put myself out there.  I declare my intentions here and now.  I am looking for someone out there willing to give me a shot.  I have a dream, passion, and more than just a passing knowledge that I am putting on the table.   Well, here it is, world, its in your court.

Time for a pint…

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