Carbonating IPA

I kegged and carbonated the IPA earlier today.  Out of a need to explore other options I spent some time watching videos on Youtube to get a primer for quicker carbonating.  I find that the technique I used this time worked out pretty well. 

I am of a mind to think that it might have overcarbonated, but I also think that I might be pouring a bit prematurely. 

Now for the technique I used:

I laid the keg on its side and turned the pressure up to 30.  For 15 minutes I rocked the keg back and forth.  After that I returned the keg to the kegerator and released the excess pressure.  After turning the pressure back down to serving pressure I poured a glass of carbonated beer.  In a pinch this works out pretty good I think. 

My next keg I will be using the overnight approach.  I will turn the pressure up to 30 again and let it sit for roughly 24 hours.  I have a feeling this method will be a bit less harsh to the beer itself. 

Mind you, both of these techniques are still much faster than the way I have been doing it.  My normal modus operandi has been to allow the beer to sit under serving pressure for roughly 2 weeks.  Not exactly rocket science but it did get the job done.  The trouble with this method is that it ties up the space when you might be needing to move stuff around and get other kegs ready for service. 

Major lesson learned, the more you explore the more options you open for yourself.

And now, time for another pint…

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