Brew day Dopplebock

Here we are at brew day again. This time is a dopplebock and my second decoction mash. I dare say this one has gone much smoother than my first one. I managed to hit my target temps for each of the steps (I did a triple decoction). At this time now I am in the middle of the sparge.

An interesting thing to note… it has been so cold lately that my propane had grown sluggish with cold and I had to bring it inside to warm up the tank. This happened on the first two decoctions. Luckily the pot I do the decoctions in is small enough to fit on my kitchen stove; I was able to do the first two temp rests inside. The disadvantage is having to step between the house and the garage a bit more than I normally would.

  Recipe and method now follow:
10 lbs Munich malt (dark)
4 lbs Vienna malt
1 lb Demerara sugar

1 oz Sterling hops 60 min
1 oz Czec Saaz 20 min
1 oz Czec Saaz 5 min

Used water to grain ratio of roughly 1.7:1

Protein rest at 122 degrees

first decoction 140 degrees 20 minutes (pulled and rested at 150 for 30 min boiled for 15)
second decoction 152 degrees 30 minutes (pulled and rested at 150 for 20 min boiled for 10)
last decoction at 160 degrees 10 minutes (boiled decoction for 5 min)

Should be an interesting beer when done

now time for a pint…

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