Moving along

I will be putting the kegerator/lagering unit to work again this weekend. My plan is to brew up a dopplebock. I will be making a major change to this one as opposed to the first dopple I brewed. This one will be a true lager. The original one was fermented with San Francisco lager yeast and left to condition at roughly 65 degrees. The one I will brew on Saturday will lager at roughly 40 degrees with a German yeast (although I have not yet explored which one I will be using yet). Another major change will be, I will be doing a decoction mash again. This is the joy of having the flexibity to brew how I want, I can change my mash schedule at my leisure. As I write this, a thought occurs to me. I spend quite a bit of my brewing time honing my skills by brewing different beers and using different techniques. It really makes me appreciate the times when I am in the process of brewing a beer I really enjoy. I dare say that dopplebock is one of my all time favorite styles. The anticipation of waiting for the finished product can sometimes be overwhelming. I suppose over the next few months I may have to pick up some Salvator and Consencrator to make ready for my own to finish. Enough of this, let’s find a pint…

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