New Year IPA

Finished a couple transfers today (finally!). The first transfer was the cider I was aging on oak. I will be carbonating it soon and then bottling, most likely within the next week or so. One thing I have realized, the new kegerator is perfect for storage even though I don’t have a second CO2 tank in it yet. I can keep kegs cold while waiting to go onto main line.

The other transfer was the New Year IPA. So far it seems to be doing pretty good. I do regret forgetting the demerrara sugar during brewing. Although it should be a decent beer, it isn’t quite what I had envisioned for this one. An interesting observation was the affect of the vienna malt. The beer has a bit more of a darker red tint to it than what you might normally expect from an IPA. A second observation, I believe that a bit of the New Zealand hop is shining through. It will be a good time sampling this one (looking for the different flavor nuances, yep thats it!) when it is done.

To the future, I am looking at brewing a blood orange wheat soon. I do believe that it is getting to be time to brew a dopplebock again as well.

Now that the holidays are over I am beginning work on brewery expansion again as well. We know some of the changes I have been working on include finishing the kegerator, and expanding equipment to include sour beers. I have a few more things I will start discussing more as they come into better focus. All in all, I think this may be a busy year…

Let’s find a pint, it seems only the proper thing to do…

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