Last post of the year…

As I sit here pondering what the next year will be, I also look in retrospect and see that this year had been a decent year for beer. Highlights do include some well earned gold medals, and of course all sorts of great brews. I pushed myself to learn more not only by using different malts and hops but also to learn new ways to mash. I know I am far from mastering the decoction mash but at least I can now say that I have attempted it and successfully made good beer in the process.

Now as the first brew of the year approaches, I am preparing to brew a double IPA. I will be using malts, and hops that I have never before used for an IPA and I will also be doing a stepped infusion mash.

In other news, I received a new tap handle for Christmas from my sister this year. Sadly, it was a Michelobe light or some such handle. But then with a bit of work with a sander I now have it ready to be repainted. I am thinking after repaint I will have my daughter do a bit of stenciling work on it so it will display the 10th Day Brewing name.

Enough of this for now…

Let’s all raise a pint and toast to the new year. I hope that we all find the brews we seek and more in the months ahead…

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