What’s in your glass?

I have been thinking of making and bottling this combo for a while now. I am talking about a cyser. For me it is one that is kinda like a braggot (at least as far as how often I make key components). When you are only making certain boozes once a year it puts a bit of a damper on how often you are able to make different combos. With the fermentation space I am hoping to add to the brewery, I am hoping to remedy that in short order. But I digress…

I normally keep my meads as stills and make my ciders sparkling. In this experiment that is putting a damper, I think, on the flavor profile a slight bit. I will say though, that other than that, this combo is bringing out the best in both worlds. The inherent sweetness of the mead (even in a dry mead) counterbalances the inherent acidic tartness of the cider. This mellows the over all flavor out a little bit allowing other nuances to shine through (ooo big word that, nuances). I think the best part of this sampler though, I am mixing as I drink so I get to explore how different ratios affect the overall flavor.

This does bring to mind, I am not always a fan of mixing different beers to create new flavor profiles. But, in the end, there are times when the mix just works. What do you find that seems to make a great combo?

Ponder that while I finish my pint…

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