Movin along…

The new seal for the freezer door on the kegerator project (wow, that seems a mouthful) is now in place. After working with a hair dryer to bring the seal back into proper shape I now have a well sealed freezer. Everything is plugged in again and coming down to cooler temps.

The next step in this project will be to pick up a CO2 tank so that I can begin carbing up in this unit. This will mean I am transferring my picnic tap between kegs for a bit. But it is a start to having full service taps.

Soon I will have the current mead inside to chill out and clarify a bit more before I bottle it (yeps, I still have been a bit of a slacker when it comes to bottlings that need to happen). Mind you, I did manage to get the Saison bottled.

While on that subject, the Saison finished around 4.5% and is in (as I mentioned) bottled. I am conditioning it in the bottle, it should end up roughly around champagne carbonation levels.

The next liquid project will be another mead. I am considering adding some agave nectar to this one. The more I play with the agave the more I find I enjoy what it brings to the table.

Enough of this, its time for beer…

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